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American Citizen Planner

American Citizen Planner is a land use education consortium of organizations that focus on land use decisions, community development and education. The ACP program offers land use education tools and products to organizations interested in providing training courses to their community. The ACP provides an outline for a variety of educational programs with different target audiences.


Michigan citizen planner






Michigan Citizen Planner

The Michigan Citizen Planner program offers land use education and training to locally appointed and elected planning officials throughout Michigan. The program is a non-credit course that can be completed in a classroom or through an online course. Participants but participants receive a certificate of completion awarded by Michigan State University Extension at the end of the program. Advanced training to earn the Master Citizen Planner (MCP) credential is also available.


NH citizen prgm






New Hampshire Citizen Planner

The NH Citizen Planner Collaborative is an effort of several state organizations, municipal land use board members and nonprofit organizations to provide training opportunities for lay citizen planners , land use and planning board members. Some of the training programs they offer include Planning and Zoning, Meeting and Public Participation, Master Plan, Site Plan Reading, and Natural Resource and Land Use Planning.

philly citizen planner




Philadelphia Citizens Planning Institute

The focus of the Institute is to educate citizens about the role good planning and implementation play in helping to create communities of lasting value. CPI has continuously expanded their course offerings every year and offer their students a Certificate of Completion as a “Citizen Planner” of Philadelphia.






One Region Forward Citizen Planning School

Cultivating an engaged and informed citizenry to become agents for change at the local level is a central component to implementing One Region Forward. The Citizen Planning School program provides citizens of Erie and Niagara counties with tools to increase the sustainability of their communities and ultimately, the Buffalo Niagara region at large.

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