Alumni Stories

Texas Citizen Planner Foundations Course 2017:

“Course is terrific!”

“[I enjoyed most] Sharing the knowledge and experiences with attendees and instructors.”

“[I enjoyed most] The speakers and questions from fellow participants.”

“[I enjoyed most] The detailed information and the awesome power points!”

“[I enjoyed most] Knowledge gained from each presenter.”

“[I enjoyed most] The speakers were fantastic.”

“[I enjoyed most] The laws of planning.”

“[The most significant thing I learned] Everything.“

“[The most significant thing I learned] That inviting the official who has no knowledge/experience in Planning for future city growth yet approves funding for your city is a good idea.“

“[The most significant thing I learned] The integration of various legal, planning, and governance concerns.“

2017 Citizen Planner Plan Implementation and Development Review class during the Foundations Course.


Texas Citizen Planner Program 2013-2014:

“[I enjoyed most] The creative ways that cities got money and improved.  Loved hearing from the people who actually pulled off the changes. The program was more than I expected.”

“I thought the experience level of the instructor for each class was top notch. The presentations were best helped along by the graphs, pictures, and personal experience each instructor had in relation to the issue being studied. Students were free to ask questions, make comments and ask for more clarity on subjects they were interested in. Also, many things discussed in class were issues several participants were dealing with in their respective cities or relevent to what communities are now facing.”

“I learned about planning and it’s impact on the development of an area both environmentally and economically.  The different viewpoints from the class participants about the interdependence of  how community and government can create opportunity and growth while preserving the aesthetics of our environment as it impacted their communities. The benefits of the class instruction on developing [a] better understanding of the planning process and how the different components were instrumental in changing how I look at the information supplied by city staff to the Planning & Zoning Commission for our meetings. The fact that most Planning & Zoning Commission members actually don’t understand their roles and the impact of their decisions was really brought home to me throughout this entire class. ” – Barbara Tague, City of Tomball. Planning and Zoning Commission.


CHARM capstone course 2014

2014 Citizen Planner Capstone Class using the CHARM application.

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