The Texas Citizen Planner program was developed through partnerships and organizations who have donated their time and expertise to this cause. Our partners have and will continue to guide the direction of the program to meet the educational needs of future citizen planners. We thank them for making this possible.


The TCP program is supported in part through funding from FEMA Region VI. FEMA seeks to help communities get ahead of disasters by promoting better planning. Communities that integrate hazard mitigation principles into their existing planning policies stand to create safer, more resilient communities.





H-GAC is an organization that facilitates local government collaboration in the region. H-GAC provides professional support for initiatives concerning economic development, transportation, disaster planning, and community development. H-GAC’s Community and Environmental Planning Department have graciously provided the venue and staff support for Citizen Planner classes winter/spring 2017.


Houston TranStar is a unique partnership of representatives from the City of Houston, Harris County, METRO and TxDOT who share resources and exchange information under one roof to keep motorists informed, roadways clear and lives safe in the fourth most populated city in the United States. Houston TranStar graciously provided the venue and staff support for Citizen Planner specialty courses summer 2017.


AgriLife Communications

AgriLife Communications provides support and services to Texas A&M AgriLife agencies, the Vice Chancellor’s Office and the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences. The AgriLife Communications team includes: web development and strategy, media relations, educational media, print and copy services, retail and warehouse operations (including the AgriLife Bookstore), and a promotional media team that develops marketing materials such as brochures, promotional videos, and graphic design. Staff from AgriLife Communications support the Texas Citizen Planner program on several aspects and provide invaluable advice.


Advisory Group

Recommendations from our advisory group are used to determine course logistics, online offerings and to shape our program vision.

  • Dr. Shannon VanZandt, Texas A&M University (TAMU) Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning
  • Jaime Hicks Masterson, TAMU Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning; Texas Target Communities Program
  • Galen Newman, TAMU Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning
  • Kevin Andrews, TAMU AgriLife Organizational Development
  • Caitlyn Calvert, TAMU AgriLife Communications
  • Noel Estwick, Prairie View TAMU Urban Planning and Environmental Policy
  • Matthew Festa, Rice University Kinder Institute and Houston College of Law
  • Dr. Earthea Nance, Texas State University Department of Urban Planning and Environmental Science and Department of Political Science
  • Barbara Tague, City of Tomball Planning and Zoning Commission
  • Jeff Taebel, Houston-Galveston Area Council Community and Environmental Planning
  • Zane Segal, Zane Segal Projects, Inc.
  • Wayne Neumann, Municipal Planning Services
  • Barbara Gurtner, City of Rockport City Council
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